EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, June 24, 2005 — Friends of the Earth International has formally launched a call for an International Alarm for Climate Justice at 13:45 pm (local time) on Thursday 7th July 2005.

Media Advisory
Friends of the Earth International

During the G8 Summit in Gleneagles ( Scotland ) the global environmental group is looking for individuals and groups in Scotland, and throughout the world, to sound warning bells to wake the G8 leaders up to the fact that time is running out to tackle climate injustice.

People around the world can register their support by visiting www.climatealarm.org

The time of 13:45 is symbolic because the G8 nations represent just 3% of the world’s people, but account for 45% of the world’s emissions of climate-changing pollutants.

The ‘climate alarm’ is already being backed in countries in Africa, Europe , North America , South America and Asia .

In the UK the ‘climate alarm’ has also been backed by a number of faith groups including the Church of Scotland and Islamic Relief Scotland. The Church of Scotland is urging churches to ring their bells while Islamic Relief is encouraging mosques to hold calls to prayer.[1] St. Paul ‘s cathedral in London already announced it will ring its bells.

Meena Raman, Chair of Friends of the Earth International said:
“Rising sea levels, extreme weather and shortages of food and water will affect billions of poor people before this century ends. But most of the emissions come from rich countries. The G8 nations represent 13% of the world’s people but are responsible for 45% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. That’s climate injustice.

“The G8 leaders are unlikely to venture far from Gleneagles when they meet there in July. But we can make sure they hear our demands. people all over Scotland and throughout the world will be sounding an alarm for climate justice at 13:45 on Thursday 7th July. Join in. Let everyone know you care, and help make world leaders take responsibility for the problems they have caused.”

For full information about what Friends of the Earth is planning in the run up to G8 please visit: http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/g8

For more information contact :
Friends of the Earth in Scotland:
Lang Banks on +44-131 554 9977 or (pager) +44-7654 200937
Friends of the Earth International:
Catherine Pearce, Co-ordinator of the Climate Change Programme
+44 (0)20 7566 1723 or +44 (0) 7811 283641

[1] The Church of Scotland is urging churches to ring their bells while
Islamic Relief is encouraging mosques to hold calls to prayer. Both groups want supporters to signal to leaders of the richest nations of the urgency of major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and as an act of solidarity with across the globe stand to lose most from our profligacy
Friends of the Earth wants to see commitments from the G8 leaders in the following areas:
Global average temperatures must not be allowed to rise two degree centigrade higher than pre-industrial levels.
An agreement by G8 nations for specific, substantial and timetabled cuts in their domestic emissions of greenhouse gases.
An agreement that offers innovative and substantial financing mechanisms to increase and diversify the energy mix.
Urgent assistance is needed for those developing countries already facing the devastating effects of climate change.