Johannesburg, August 21, 2002 – “Corporations have not been delivering sustainable development – they have been delivering greenwash,” says Kenny Bruno, one of the organisers and judges for the Greenwash Academy Awards ceremony being held this Friday, 23rd August 2002 in Sandton, South Africa.

The Greenwash Academy Awards aka The Green Oscars are held annually to recognise those international corporations that have made the most effort to portray themselves as friends of the environment while also involved in socially and environmentally destructive activities. This event is being organised by leading international organisations Friends of the Earth

International and CorpWatch, together with local NGO groundWork, and takes place in Sandton to coincide with the World Summit on Sustainable Development. The greenwash awards, while exposing very serious cases of damage to the environment and humans, are done in “a tongue-in-cheek”, humourous manner.

Green Oscars will be handed out to winners in 12 categories, including Best Director, Best Supporting Government and Best Supporting UN-Agency. The winners will be publicly announced at the Award Ceremony on Friday afternoon.

WHEN: 2pm for the press conference, 3pm for the Awards Ceremony (Please note the new times!!!)
WHERE: The Oxford Room, Balalaika Hotel, 20 Maude Street, Sandton, SA

Please NOTE that a press release announcing the winners will also be issued by 12am on Friday, with an embargo for 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth 072 4064784
Kenny Bruno, CorpWatch 082 370 0579
Bobby Peek, groundWork 082 464 1383
Linda Ambler, groundWork 083 7507560