Yunior Oyuela Honduras 610

Friends of the Earth International has sent numerous letters of repudiation to the Honduran Government and embassies around the world, in the wake of the detention of students from the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), among which was Yunior Oyuela, member of the Movimiento Madre Tierra/Friends of the Earth Honduras.

The students are being brought to trial on Monday 25 September for exercising their legitimate right to peaceful protest. We are calling for an end to their prosecution.

Friends of the Earth International calls on its groups and all movements and people to continue demonstrating their solidarity with Honduran and Latin American social activists. We invite them to continue sending communications to Honduran institutions, demanding full freedom for the students and all people who are persecuted for their defence of the commons and the territories.

Monday 25 September is a key day for the students. Let us express our solidarity. Our support can make the difference. Together we will continue to work towards environmental, social and gender justice. Let us claim freedom as the foundation of justice.