Friends of the Earth wants you to join a growing movement to confront and overcome the challenges of climate change. These challenges are big, real and urgent, but not impossible.

Join the Energy Revolution now!

We urgently need a drastic transformation of our societies, our energy and food systems, and our economies. Keeping global temperatures down is not just about the protection of our environment, it is about the survival and well-being of people all over the world including you

In December 2015, the United Nations climate talks will take place in Paris, France. Representatives of governments from all over the world will gather to negotiate and are expected to decide on a new international climate agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

Throughout the year and beyond we will keep the pressure on our governments to take urgent and appropriate action in line with what science and justice demand. We will continue to bring more and more people together to build the real changes needed to transform a corporate driven fossil fuel energy system into one that clean and renewable and owned and controlled by citizens.

A wealth of proven ideas and experience (in citizens’ hands) are already being implemented around the world. We need to build the political will to make these ideas work on the scale we need for everyone to benefit.Our vision of the world recognises the need to live within the natural boundaries of our planet, and to guarantee the fulfilment of human rights for all, including those of Indigenous Peoples, women, youth and workers.

We need to reject short-cut solutions to this crisis. We need to reject market-based solutions that create profits for some but do little to truly solve the problems.  Some false solutions, such as carbon offsetting or geoengineering, simply shift the problems somewhere else, damage the environment in other ways, hurt people or are simply not sufficiently tested.

Many of our leaders are guided by pressure from corporate-influenced international organisations, entrenched power interests or the neoliberal status quo. Yet the balance of power can and will change. People across the world are ready to stand up to protect people’s homes, their communities, human rights and the environment. People across the world are coming together to tell political leaders that we need real transformation and we will pursue it tirelessly, at the UN talks in Paris, into 2016 and beyond.

Paris is just the beginning an opportunity to start connecting  our demands for justice, equality, food, jobs, and rights, and strengthen the movement in a way that will force governments to listen and act in the interests of people and not in the vested interests of elites. Paris will launch us into 2016 as a year of action a year when people’s demands and people’s solutions take center stage.We will continue our struggles at local, national, regional and global levels to ensure that people spearhead the just transformation of our society.

Join us!


Image: Lima climate march 2014/Luka Tomac