Amigu di Tera was founded in 1989 and became a member of Friends of the Earth International in 1990. There are 200 individual members. The overall goal is to transform society based on principles of sustainable development in a small island environment, principles of biodiversity, it’s intrinsic values and social justice. De-colonisation of minds and governance, and mitigation of negative impacts of globalisation should be addressed to allow the population to establish a liveable and just society while taking responsibility for the planet in an emancipatory process.

In practice Amigu di Tera works with neighbourhoods, schools, and networks with all kinds of organisations and individuals that sustain our work. The organisation is well known on the island and does a lot of press work. Our main issues are: pollution from the (formerly Shell) oil refinery, loss of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, waste, climate change issues as sea levels rise, and reduction of fossil fuel use. Amigu di Tera focusses a lot on zoning plans as real estate business practices absorb and gentrify scarce land on the small and densely populated island. With not much space left on this small island, nature will hardly survive.