People demonstrating outside the headquarters of major bank Nordea in Helsinki

Friends of the Earth Finland is a membership organisation and a coalition of individual members, action groups, local Friends of the Earth organisations and like-minded Finnish NGOs. It was founded in June 1996 in Turku. The objective of the organisation is to promote:

  • the creation of a democratic and ecologically sustainable society
  • locally oriented economy
  • social, economic, political and intergenerational equality
  • protection of Earth from further destruction
  • preservation of the World’s ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity
  • work against military structures
  • human and animal rights and cooperation of organisations and progressive groups.

The power of the organisation rises from broadminded thinking and a vast diversity of people around Finland. The scope of activity varies from national to regional, and from global campaigns to everyday issues of ways of living. Local action relies on the activity of creative individuals. National campaigns are planned in annual meetings. The amount of members and sub-organisations is growing rapidly.

Friends of the Earth Finland has no official relations with the government, political parties, churches/religions or companies other than through its individual members. It is both politically and religiously impartial. However, it may work closely with such interest groups especially when engaged in lobbying and advocacy work. Moreover, Friends of the Earth Finland works closely with other progressive organisations, such as the Finnish Society for Nature Conservation and the Service Center for Development Cooperation. The activity is financed mainly by membership fees and private donations, and also by the government.

Image: A demonstration outside the headquarters of major bank Nordea in Helsinki in 2021.