Mozambique group

Friends of the Earth Mozambique are known locally as Justica Ambiental, or JA!

JA!, which means “Now!” in English, works very closely with communities on environmental issues such as the cutting down of forests, pollution, dams, oil exploration and people’s access to clean water.

They view environmental justice as the act of using the environment as a vehicle for ensuring equity and equality across society. In support of sustainable development they try to view the concept of equality at a grand scale, and as such, value the rights of future generations to a healthy and safe environment.

Their mission is to engender a culture of civil action in Mozambique both through actions to protect the environment and by actively engaging in developmental decisions relating to issues of environmental justice in Mozambique and throughout the world.

They are committed to free rivers and clean water for all, environmental law and policy monitoring, promotion of renewable energies and a toxic free environment.