RSEU conference 2014

The Russian Social Ecological Union (RSEU) is a non-governmental non-profit membership democratic organisation, established in 1992,

RSEU brings together public organisations and active citizens from all regions of Russia. All RSEU activities – projects and programs, actions and campaigns – are aimed at nature conservation, protection of health and the wellbeing of people in Russia and around the world.

To become a RSEU member, a person or local organisation should share RSEU values, be active in RSEU’s priority area, and work in a spirit of cooperation. Application forms can be found at the RSEU web-site Strengthen and multiply our efforts, act together with us!

RSEU members act together for nature conservation, for sustainable development of Russia and the planet

RSEU Priorities:

  • Conservation of nature, water resources and biodiversity
  • Protection of environmental rights
  • Development of public environmental control
  • Environmental education and education for sustainable development
  • Nuclear and radiation safety
  • Preventing construction of objects harmful to nature and people
  • Promotion of energy saving and alternative energy
  • Environmentally friendly approaches in urban planning
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly solutions in business

Our programs, projects and campaigns:

We work towards harmony between society and nature, for conservation and restoration of the natural and cultural environment

Climate program:
Informing the public about climate change and its consequences.
Public observation of the UN negotiations on climate change.
Support of legislation and practical solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Support our actions on climate adaptation.

Campaign “Energy efficiency is the largest and cheapest source of energy in Russia”
Informing people about energy efficiency and its importance as a source of energy and an alternative to dirty and dangerous energy facilities. Information campaigns in the regions of Russia to support implementation of energy efficient solutions in the residential sector, construction, business, urban planning, and dissemination of energy technologies.

Arctic program
Environmental protection of vulnerable areas and public support for solutions for sustainable development of the Arctic drainage area.

Water program
Public involvement in sustainable use and protection of water resources, development of river basin management. Creation and dissemination of best practices for sustainable water use. Exchange of information and experience in conservation of our rivers and lakes. The program includes activities of the movement to protect the Volga River “Help the River.” Every year we go to rivers, clean the banks and riverbeds, determine content of pollutants in water, plant trees, and implement public education campaigns about the value of rivers.

Environmental education
Informing the population of Russia about issues related to the environment and environmental problems. Helping people of all ages to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivation and willingness to work individually and collectively to solve existing problems and prevent new environmental problems. Active participation in development of concepts, plans and programs for environmental education and sustainable development at local, national and international levels.

Program “Against nuclear and radiological threats”
Protection of environmental and social rights of the population in the area of nuclear safety. Development of common positions, expert assessment of nuclear projects, improvement of legislation.
The program includes the following campaigns:
• On the problem of long-term radioactive waste storages.
• Against radioactive contamination of public water bodies.
• Against gamma-irradiation of agricultural products.
• Against construction of new nuclear reactors.
• On the issue of MOX (uranium-plutonium) fuel.
• Against injection of liquid radioactive waste in the earth.

Dekomatom project
Public control over the process of planning decommissioning of old nuclear reactors of nuclear power plants. Dissemination of best practices for decommissioning nuclear power plants.

For more information please contact:
(on issues related to the Asian part of RSEU’s work) Andrey Laletin,, +7 913 1870062, skype: andrey.laletin
(on issues related to the European part of RSEU’s work) Olga Senova,, +7 921 9117986, skype: olga.senova