REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay was founded in 1988. Our main objective is to defend and fight for environmental, social, economic and gender justice, and people’s sovereignty.

We promote, support and engage in building emancipatory approaches and initiatives together with grassroots political subjects – such as food sovereignty, agroecology, energy sovereignty and just transition, and feminist economics. 

Together with the most affected peoples and social movements, we generate critical analysis and resist neoliberalism and the power of transnational corporations and agribusiness, which are responsible for environmental devastation, land and territory grabbing, water pollution, biodiversity loss, and the privatisation and commodification of nature.

We consider it essential to contest the political arena, and actively participate in formulating public policy proposals together with other movements. Public policies that allow us to tackle the structural causes of the multiple socio-environmental crises – climate, biodiversity, food, water – from a justice perspective, as well as to strengthen grassroots initiatives that respond to the crises.

Within this framework, we carry out campaigns and communications work with the aim of placing the critical perspective of social movements on the public and political agenda and influencing decision-making.

We work closely with the University of the Republic (UdelaR), to strengthen the study and multidimensional analysis of the crises we face and the proposals that come from the movements.  

We are also involved in political training and capacity building with the social movements and organisations most affected by the power and impunity of transnational corporations and the unjust, predatory and exclusionary development model.

REDES has six areas of work: Food Sovereignty, Biodiversity and Resisting Agribusiness; Environmental, Social and Gender Justice; Climate Justice and Energy Sovereignty; Right to Water; Economic Justice and Resistance to Neoliberalism; Internationalist Solidarity. Our actions integrate a feminist perspective and internationalist solidarity.