REDES (Social Ecology Network) – Friends of the Earth Uruguay is an organisation based on a social ecology perspective. We believe the current environmental crisis is largely the result of the concentration of resources and decision making in the hands of corporate actors. They work on the ‘grow or die’ principle, seeking to create as much profit as possible in the short term, without considering the ecologic and social impacts of economic activity. As a non-profit social organisation, REDES works on the following issues:

  • Campaigns to denounce socio-environmental problems in order to raise public awareness and to pressure decision makers
  • Participatory research, in coordination with universities and social movements
  • Communication and outreach through publications, workshops and mass and independent media
  • Capacity building and institutional strengthening, in coordination with social movements affected by the current development model
  • Development of alternative policies with social movements, NGOs and experts
  • Promotion and support of alternative grassroots experiences, which have a multiplying effect.

REDES is a member of Friends of the Earth International, a federation of environmental groups from over 70 countries.

At a regional level, REDES is part of ‘Programa Cono Sur Sustentable’ and a member of the Executive Committee of Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean.

REDES is organised in four program areas and a campaign and communications area.

We work on the following programs:

  • Uruguay Sustentable (“sustainable Uruguay”)
  • Water
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Trade and investments