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Young Friends of the Earth Europe (YFOEE) is a grassroots network of young people and youth organisations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national and European level. YFOEE takes action on climate change, food and agriculture and education for sustainability.

YFOEE is passionate about environmental and social justice, and believes that the voices of young people should be heard. They are building an exciting movement – connecting similarly passionate young people across Europe, in order to share knowledge, educate and motivate.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe believes in empowerment, youth participation and the power of action. The network stands up for just and sustainable solutions to global problems. YFOEE fearlessly demands a future that is just: a future free from hunger, thirst and insecurity, and where the world’s ecosystems are respected and allowed to thrive.

YFOEE actions, trainings and events motivate and inspire hundreds of young activists to take action – with the message of personal development and empowerment. Every voice counts, and Young Friends of the Earth Europe’s horizontal structure relies entirely on volunteers across Europe, who are involved in campaigns from start to finish.

YFOEE builds the capacity of local and national groups to deliver effective political campaigns and challenge the current political and economic systems.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is coordinated by a Steering Group, a group of elected volunteers from the YFoEE network. Each individual is responsible for a different area of work and supporting a number of member groups in the network. Find out who is in the steering group and how to contact them.