Community members of El Carrizalillo in Guerrero State, Mexico, who blocked access to gold project “Los Filos” of Canadian mining company Goldcorp on April 1st, submitted on Monday a list of demands to the company related to health, environment and fair payment for their lands.

In addition, a government representative of Guerrero State visited the community and was shocked by the environmental destruction caused by Goldcorp in the region, where around 1400 people are living. This is what community leader Julio told Real World Radio.

After Goldcorp´s leasing agreement on the peasant´s lands expired on March 31, on April 1st, the community members blocked access to the mine. They are claiming a fair renegotiation or a closing and post-closing plan for the mining company that has been operating in El Carrizalillo for over ten years.

The gold project has caused serious environmental and health impacts in the area, Julio told Real World Radio. These are “2000-2500 hectares that are completely destroyed by the mine”.

Julio also said that they have also blocked federal transportation networks in order to avoid being repressed by the government, “which is supporting the transnational corporation”. Julio believes national and international support has been key to avoiding government repression. “This is extremely valuable”, he said, and urged the international community to continue expressing solidarity through letters and press releases, among other protection mechanisms for the community members who continue to resist.

The Meso American Movement against the Mining Extractive Model (M4), together with international networks, such as Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is circulating an urgent action with letters addressed to Goldcorp authorities and Mexican and Canadian governments to claim a dignified agreement for the affected peoples.

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