Real World Radio is an initiative that mixes radio and new internet tools to enable communication between the diverse array of individuals, groups and social organizations trying to break through the information “wall” set up by the mainstream media reporting on the WTO.

Real World Radio is a joint initiative of Friends of the Earth International ( and Asociación Mundial de Radios Comunitarias ( The objective is to show the impacts of trade liberalisation, and, at the same time, to show there are thousands of ways for communities to resist transnational corporations.

In Cancún Real World Radio will cover the official agenda of the WTO negotiations and, in addition, will focus on the wide variety of civil society mobilizations in the first fifteen days of September. This programming will be available in spanish, portugese and in english, and will be broadcast by many of the 300 radios that are part of AMARC in Latin America and the Caribbean. in english in spanish