Friends of the Earth Germany/ Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) works to promote agroecology so food production is in the hands of farmers, working according to ecological and socially sustainable methods.

The “We’re fed up” demonstration occurs annually, demanding agroecological farming and food production. In January 2014, 30,000 people and over 70 tractors joined the colourful demonstration in Berlin to stop agribusinesss and call for agroecology. The “We’re fed up” (“Wir haben es satt!” in German) demonstrations are a lively way of bringing together tens of thousands of likeminded individuals.

The event provides plenty of opportunities before and after the demonstration to share ideas and get inspired by projects and campaigns. In the days before the demo there was a ‘Street Food’ market at the Markthalle 9 dedicated to foods from the province of Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin, as well as a ‘disco soup’ where people chopped vegetables together to make soup for the next day.

BUND also campaigns against factory farms. BUND stopped 34 factory farms in 2013 and support 300 initiatives against factory farms across Germany. Neuland, the Association of farmers who keep their animals in a near-natural environment, was co-founded by BUND.

There is now rising consumption of organic food in Germany. In 2012, meat consumption dropped by 3 kilograms per person and meat production has stagnated. There is also increased animal welfare. New legislation is also in place to reduce privileges for industrial livestock production.

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