Johannesburg, August 22, 2002 – On the eve of the 2002 World Summit Greenwash Academy Awards, carbon kingpins Shell, BP and ChevronTexaco, along with leading purveyors of Frankenfoods, Monsanto, Novartis and Aventis are vying for some of the event’s most prestigious awards. Local favorites Eskom and Sasol should not be counted out, however, according to insiders from the Academy.

With Awards in 11 categories, including Best Greenwash Actor, Best Bluewash Actor (for masquerading as a corporate humanitarian), Best Supporting Government, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Makeup, and a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Greenwash Awards are the world’s premier prize for companies acting – but not behaving – green. The multi-media award ceremony will include a display of some of the best examples of greenwash in the world today.

“Ten years ago in Rio, global businesses promised to deliver sustainable development. They have broken that promise and therefore cannot be awarded for sustainable development,” said Oscar Green, this year’s host for the ceremony. “However, they have delivered an onslaught of sophisticated greenwash. The Greenwash Academy will recognize their achievement.”

In a last minute threat to the Green Oscars, Ronald McDonald, a representative of McUnicef, has informed news agencies that he will disrupt the ceremony unless his agency is added to the list of nominees. McUnicef is a joint venture of McDonald’s and Unicef. Unicef is the UN’s advocate for children, while McDonald’s food is not healthy for kids. Oscar Green says that “McDonald’s and Unicef do make bedfellows of surpassing strangeness; however their nomination came too late to be considered by the Academy.”

The winners of the Green Oscars will be announced on Friday August 23 at 3:00, at the Hotel Balalaika in Sandton, johannesburg. A background press briefing will take place at 2:00 at the Oxford Room of the Hotel.

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