A renowned activist of Friends of the Earth Palestine who works for the Stop the Wall campaign – against the building of the cement wall to isolate the Palestine population- has been literally kidnapped by Israeli police forces, under the martial law.

Jamal Jomaa, an Israeli citizen who was also a member of the World Social Forum coordinating committee, is detained with no access to his family or a lawyer, his assistant in the Stop the Wall campaign, Dawood Hamoodeh, told Real World Radio.

Jamal was arrested in his own house. The police raided his home, seized his computer, and his documents on the world campaign against the construction of the wall. The raid resulted in big damages to his home.

Jamal’s campaign entails raising public awareness about the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and how it violates the rights of the Palestinian communities and extracts their natural goods.

PENGON/ Friends of the Earth Palestine began a campaign to expose the practices to silence the peaceful resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian organization is calling other organizations and the international community to send letters to the Israeli embassies in their countries, asking for the release of the activist.

90 days outside the world

“Jamal is incommunicado. Neither his family nor his lawyers can see him, and we don’t know what charges he is being accused of”, said Dawood Hamoodeh in Jerusalem. There is information that his campaign materials are in the hands of the Israeli intelligence and they fear that they might be manipulated.

When they learned about his arrest, many networks of international organizations have called for his immediate release. Dawood said that if the detainee only has the Palestinian ID he could have to wait 90 days before he is allowed to see his family under the martial law implemented by Israel in the Occupied Territories.

Photo: Ciranda.net

This podcast was produced and first published by Real World Radio.