The industrial agriculture and food system is a significant cause of climate change and loss of biodiversity, and is responsible for violating labour rights, human rights and Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

The False Solutions, Real Profits – Agribusiness’ Tactics Uncovered report discusses the growing awareness among affected communities, social movements, NGOs, and research institutions about the negative impacts of agribusiness on various crises, including environmental degradation. 

It highlights how agribusinesses are responding by reframing the narrative and our understanding of the problems they cause. Companies have exerted enormous financial and political influence on governments, philanthropic organisations, and even NGOs by devising and promoting false solutions that perpetuate the decades-old neoliberal agenda. 

Their corporate capture of decision-making, governance and multistakeholder processes, ensures agribusiness the uptake of its false solutions – we describe agribusiness-related false solutions and some characteristics that help to identify them.

The report also aims to provide insight into false solutions such as sustainability and deforestation-free certification, sustainable intensification and regenerative agriculture.

These examples show that corporate responses to the current climate and biodiversity crises do not address the underlying problems. Instead, they enable continued deforestation, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, persistent indigenous and human rights violations, and the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of a shrinking number of corporations.