A Friends of the Earth International position paper on building food sovereignty with a feminist perspective

There are 1.6 billion women farmers in the world, producing 50% of the world’s food. Women play a key role in feeding the planet, yet they own only 2% of the land, and are the most likely to face hunger and malnutrition.

For Friends of the Earth International, building Food Sovereignty entails strengthening women as political subjects and dismantling patriarchy. It means pursuing Agroecology, which is based on equal power relations and environmentally-friendly production.

Our new position paper calls for policies and practices to build Food Sovereignty with a feminist perspective, including:

  • fair pay for women’s work in farms, factories and homes
  • equal rights for women to access land, seeds, water and markets
  • sharing care work between men, women and the State.

Without grassroots feminism there is no food sovereignty!