Friends of the Earth International’s pathways to system change.

System change is a powerful idea and a political struggle for a better world. Powerful because it’s about addressing the root causes of today’s ecological, economic and social crises. It is about making deep, far-reaching and lasting change that goes beyond winning individual campaigns.

Our demand for system change is:

  • Honest – about the true scale, urgency and complexity of the challenges we face.
  • Realistic – we know social and political injustices and the ecological crisis are intertwined, and that change in one area will help achieve progress in others.
  • Collective – it embraces the potential for diverse communities and social movements and organisations to solve environmental, social, gender and economic challenges together.
  • Inspirational – it is a rallying cry that resonates with peoples all over
    the world who face similar threats and share the same rights and aspirations.

Interested in reading more about system change? Download the report and pamphlet “Transform: how we’re making deep and lasting change”.