Anglo american plc: financing the summit, plundering the earth

Friends of the Earth International, August 2002: UK registered Anglo-American Plc, a copper and diamond mining corporation, is a funder…

05 Aug, 2002

Failing the challenge: the other Shell report

Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland, 2002: This report is a testament to the people around the…

10 Jun, 2002

Traversing people’s lives: how the world bank finances community disruption in cameroon

Friends of the Earth International, 2002: The Chad Cameroon Oil and Pipeline project shows that large scale projects financed by…

22 Apr, 2002

Into the mouth of babes

March 2002: A briefing paper on pesticides in the diet and our children’s health, from Friends of the Earth England,…

25 Mar, 2002
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