Principles for EU legislation to effectively regulate corporations throughout their global value chains

Mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (HREDD) has been proposed at EU level to regulate the human rights violations…

24 Feb, 2022

Resisting the Growing Power of Transnational Corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean

Compilation and Summary of National Assessments This report summarises the main findings of eight national assessments on the growing power of…

10 Dec, 2021

How we defeated Shell: A do-it-yourself manual for climate litigation

On May 26, 2021, we won the Climate Case against Shell. The judge ruled in this lawsuit that Shell must…

09 Nov, 2021

If it’s not feminist, it’s not just.

Women’s voices, analysis and action towards a just energy transition. In the last decade, the Just Transition rhetoric has become…

08 Nov, 2021

Transnational corporations and peoples’ rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: Violations of peoples’ sovereignty

Mapping the presence and impacts of transnational corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Friends of the Earth Latin…

21 Apr, 2021

COVAX: A global multistakeholder group that poses political and health risks to developing countries and multilateralism

Covid-19 has given rise to many challenges, one of which is a global vaccine distribution solution.  From a human rights…

07 Apr, 2021
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