Replanting Agricultural Biodiversity in the CBD

Agricultural biodiversity’s role in the convention on biological diversity  Biodiversity, by its very essence, is characterised by plenty. It is…

15 Mar, 2022

Dismantling patriarchy while building food sovereignty

A Friends of the Earth International position paper There are 1.6 billion women farmers in the world, producing 50% of…

07 Mar, 2022

Exposing corporate capture of the UN Food Systems Summit through multistakeholderism

This report exposes the rising threat of Multistakeholder Institutions (MSIs) and increasing corporate influence over the governance of food systems…

25 Nov, 2021

Nature based solutions: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Friends of the Earth International rejects the concept of Nature Based Solutions (NBS). NBS is often used as an umbrella…

27 Oct, 2021

The UN Declaration on the rights of peasants as a tool for promoting collective rights

Around the world, people and communities are active in defence of the commons, territories, and peoples’ rights. From peasants protecting…

16 Apr, 2021

Junk Agroecology

Agroecology has gained ground in recent years as the need to transform our agrifood system becomes increasingly clear. The global…

12 Oct, 2020
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