Stop TPP rally

Friends of the Earth International reaction to signing of Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership’ (CPTPP)

Santiago, Chile, 8 March 2018

Today trade ministers from 11 countries signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) under it’s rebranded title, the ‘Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership’ (CPTPP). Friends of the Earth International remains steadfast in warning that the deal will, if ratified, threaten people and planet.

Sam Cossar-Gilbert, Friends of the Earth International trade campaigner said:

“The rebranded TPP signed today remains a bad deal for people and planet. It is a ticking time-bomb for climate policy, because it further embeds the unfair Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism that enables foreign corporations to sue governments for protecting the environment.

We have stopped the TPP before and  we will stop the CPTPP. There remain a number of challenges to the ratification of the deal at the national level, with wide spread resistance in many countries and impending elections in Mexico, Malaysia and possibly Australia.”

Notes for editors

Press release: Davos: “Zombie” TPP trade deal threatens our fractured world

Report (pdf): Dangerous liaisons: The new trade trio. How the US and the EU are using TTIP, TPP and TiSA to outmanoeuvre other WTO members (Friends of the Earth International, 2016)

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