Internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people under occupation

The Israeli military occupation of Palestinian lands since 1967 and the blockade on Gaza for the past 16 years, has denied Palestinians access and control over their land, borders and natural resources. The occupation is the source of profound human and environmental rights violations against the Palestinian people, including pollution, destruction of livelihoods, land and water grabbing which affect food production and food sovereignty, discriminatory planning laws, forced evictions and displacements.

It is a situation of environmental nakba. We condemn in the strongest terms the deliberate ongoing killings and attacks on Palestinians by the Israeli State and the destruction of their land. We urgently call on global leaders to use their diplomatic means to put a permanent end to the occupation. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Palestine is a struggle for human rights and climate justice

The struggle to fight against the Israeli occupation, based on the illegal exploitation of Palestinian lands and natural resources, is a liberation struggle.

Addressing environmental issues cannot be separated from acknowledging peoples’ right to national sovereignty in their own land. The Palestinian liberation struggle is interconnected with global movements advocating for Indigenous rights, land rights, the fight against the fossil fuel industry and climate colonialism.

In solidarity with our member organisation, PENGON, and all those affected, Friends of the Earth International is calling for an immediate ceasefire to halt the massive killing of innocent people, as well as an opening of borders to allow in crucial aid and an end to the occupation. We also continue to condemn the killing of all civilians, especially children, women and elderly people, and call for hostages to be released.  

Since the October 2023 attacks, the Israeli occupation forces have been conducting a large-scale military offensive in the Gaza Strip, using intensive air, land, and sea bombardment as well as hunger as a weapon of war. This war crime – which is a continuation of a history of Israeli military occupation of Palestinian lands since 1967 and the blockade on Gaza for the past 16 years –  has resulted in the killing and assassination of tens of thousands of people, widespread destruction of property and infrastructure, and serious harm to the environment and biodiversity.

To date, more than 36,000 men, women and children have been killed, and two million individuals – over 90% of Gaza's population – have been displaced from their homes. 

“You said you feel powerless but hearing about what groups are doing makes us feel powerful. It gives us the energy to move on and continue our fight. Even if the action seems little to you, it means a lot to us.”

PENGON member, January 2024.


How can our federation and supporters help the Palestinian struggle?

✅ Contact your elected representatives to call for an immediate ceasefire and use all diplomatic and economic mechanisms at their disposal to deter Israel’s attacks on Gaza, beginning with ceasing arms sales to Israel to prevent further deaths and damage to the land, halting economic relationships with Israel and Israeli companies and considering cutting diplomatic ties.

✅ Help bring attention to what’s happening in Gaza. Lift up Palestinian voices and share their realities in different ways to support the struggle.

✅ Take part in protests, marches, or media messages. They are a powerful way to publicly demonstrate solidarity with Gaza and to support Palestinian struggles;

✅ Promptly rally together to refute Israeli misinformation, whether disseminated through the media or propagated by the government;

✅ Urge your governments to endorse the Palestinian call for the immediate revival of the UN Special Committee against Apartheid.


Please support by making a donation to PENGON through this Friends of the Earth International Fundraising page. Your donation will support the work of PENGON/Friends of the Earth Palestine and deliver desperately needed resources to the Palestinians in Gaza.

You can also show your solidarity by sending a donation by bank transfer to FoEI’s bank account: NL08 TRIO 0254 7784 45.

Write ‘PENGON’ in the description and we will make sure the money is forwarded.

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Abeer Butmeh, from PENGON-Friends of the Earth Palestine, speaks about 70 years of human rights crimes in Palestine. She is speaking from the UN in Geneva, during the fourth session of negotiations for an internationally binding treaty on transnational corporations with respect to human rights.



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