Internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people under occupation

For decades, Israeli occupation has denied Palestinians access and control over their land, borders and natural resources. The occupation is the source of profound human and environmental rights violations against the Palestinian people, including pollution, destruction of livelihoods, land and water grabbing which affect food production and food sovereignty, discriminatory planning laws, forced evictions and displacements.

It is a situation of environmental nakba. We condemn the ongoing attacks by the Israeli State and urgently call on global leaders to use their diplomatic means to put a permanent end to the occupation. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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Abeer Butmeh, from PENGON-Friends of the Earth Palestine, speaks about 70 years of human rights crimes in Palestine. She is speaking from the UN in Geneva, during the fourth session of negotiations for an internationally binding treaty on transnational corporations with respect to human rights.



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