A visual journey towards system change

Join us on a journey towards system change. Let these images and the people in them inspire you to transform our future. Each image in this gallery depicts people who are changing the system from the grassroots, people who believe in their power to rewrite the rules and reclaim politics.

Together with allies, social movements and millions of people, we fight for a future where all peoples enjoy dignity and rights, and live in harmony with nature. To do this we need to challenge existing power relationships in society, politics and economics.

We need to transform our energy system, our food system and our economies. We need to defend territories and biodiversity as well as the peoples who protect them. We need to achieve gender justice and uphold collective rights against the power of corporations.

Looking at these images and discovering these solutions is a great way to start imagining a different future and believing that system change is possible. For more details on the political framework, case studies, policy proposals and pathways to system change please read our report or pamphlet, Transform: how we’re making deep and lasting change.

To explore more stories and solutions, go to our pathways to system change map.