Ten years ago, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared the “Apartheid Wall” built in the Occupied Palestinian Territory illegal. Meanwhile, the death toll of a new military attack against the Palestinian people has already reached 200. The destruction of family homes and public infrastructure in Gaza has inspired international solidarity and calls by the international community to stop what might be considered a massacre.

Since construction began in 2002, the wall has disrupted ecosystems, interrupted the contiguity of the territory, destroyed livelihoods and separated families and communities. The construction of the wall has prevented Palestinian access to East Jerusalem, a traditional economic, social, cultural and religious centre for Palestinian people.

This short film focuses on the ten years since the ICJ declared the Israeli wall illegal and the recommendations issued to the international community.

The advisory opinion urged all countries in the world not to recognize the illegal wall. A decade after the resolution, the wall is still under construction, thus worsening the humanitarian situation in the region, as well as the environmental racism by the Israeli government against the Palestinian state.

“Ten years later, the wall and its associated regime of settlements continue to grow in Palestine, embodying a massive instrument of land annexation, pillage of natural resources and displacement. The wall marks the final brick in Israel’s apartheid project that defines the segregated enclaves to which the Palestinians are to be confined”, says PENGON in its press release.

Friends of the Earth Palestine/PENGON encourages you to raise awareness about the wall and its impact on the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice and to pressure your government to respect its obligations as outlined in the ICJ decision.