July 18, 2001 – Friends of the Earth International and other members of the Global Forest Coalition will hand over a Treetanic Award to the Corporation or Chief Executive Officer trying hardest to sink the Kyoto Protocol with plans to include large monoculture tree plantations (sinks) as a way out from emission cuts.

This year’s nominees for the Treetanic Award include:

  • David Anderson, CEO of the Canadian Timber Industry (and occasionally Environment Minister)
  • Junichiro Koizumi, CEO of Corporate Japan (and, when time allows, Prime Minister)
  • Bob Hill, CEO of the Australian Eucalyptus Industry (and sometimes Environment Minister)
  • Pete Hodson, CEO of the New Zealand Sheep Industry (and intermittently Environment Minister).

The Treetanic ceremony will take place at 12.30pm tomorrow (Friday) at the NGO Press Conference Room in the Ministry of Justice. Before the ceremony Friends of the Earth International and other Global Forest Coalition will hold an ACTION to try explain to delegates the basic difference between a Sink and a Tree.

Australia, Japan and New Zealand, none of which have yet promised to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, want to include large-scale tree plantations and other sinks projects in the Clean Development Mechanism. They are also pushing hard to include a broad range of activities under article 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol, which allows countries to meet Kyoto targets through activities such as plantation establishment instead of cutting their CO2 emissions.

Simone Lovera of Friends of the Earth International comments: “The Governments of Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand are still trying to hold the Kyoto Protocol to ransom. They want to avoid action at home to cut greenhouse gas emissions. To do this they are trying to saddle the planet will millions of acres of environmentally destructive monoculture plantations. It seems that some senior politicians in these countries have trouble distinguishing between a sink and a tree. We hope that our award and our action tomorrow will help teach them the difference.”

Simone Lovera 00 31 6 5361 4586
Ian Willmore 0174 1260 4808 or 00 44 7887 641 344