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Donald Trump has announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change under the United Nations. Trump wants to renegotiate the agreement and allow the U.S. to do even less.

Friends of the Earth International’s Climate Justice and Energy Coordinator Sara Shaw offered the following statement in response to Trump’s announcement:

“Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would make the US a rogue state on climate change. The rest of the world cannot let the US drag it down. It must take immediate climate action with or without the US. Global leaders must use economic and political pressure to force Trump and the US to do its fair share of climate action.

As people and communities across the world usher in a new era of renewable energy and the fossil fuel age meets its swift and inevitable end, the US will be left behind. Trump’s climate denialism – both in terms of climate pollution and the provision of international climate finance – ignores millions of climate-vulnerable people in the poorest communities across the world.

The poorest American communities, which are disproportionately of colour, are already suffering environmental injustices and Trump is increasing their suffering. Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with the majority of Americans who are resisting Trump’s extreme agenda that is prioritizing fossil fuel profits over people. We express solidarity with vulnerable people across the world who are fighting injustice and climate catastrophe.”

Friends of the Earth US President Erich Pica issued the following statement:

Donald Trump is on a mission to sacrifice our planet to the fossil fuel industry. By pulling out of the Paris Agreement, Trump has turned the United States into the world’s foremost climate villain.

“The rest of the world must move forward aggressively without the world’s leading historical contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Friends of the Earth U.S. calls on all nations to assert heavy economic and diplomatic pressure to compel the Trump Administration to take serious climate action to protect people and the planet.”

The majority of Americans reject Trump’s extreme agenda and demand climate action. Today’s announcement only strengthens our resistance.”

Ben Schreiber, Friends of the Earth US
Dipti Bhatnagar, Friends of the Earth International

Image: © Gage Skidmore