In 2014, a people’s victory was celebrated at the United Nations Human Rights Council: the adoption of Resolution 26/9 which established a new Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) to develop an international legally binding instrument to regulate transnational corporations (TNCs) and other companies with respect to human rights.

During the sixth session of the IGWG, from 26 to 30 October 2020 (virtual and in-person in Geneva), negotiations continued based on the 2020 Second Revised Draft, the 2019 Revised Draft, the 2018 Zero Draft, the Elements Paper presented in 2017 and the results of the three previous sessions of the IGWG.

Once again social movements prepared a parallel virtual Week of Mobilisation, preceded by advocacy efforts online, in capital cities and at regional levels around the world, led by Friends of the Earth member groups and allies.

Join us in this historic process towards ending corporate impunity – when business actions abroad lead to human rights violations and environmental crimes that go unpunished.

Companies systematically put profits before the environment and people’s rights. Many TNCs are richer and more powerful than the states that should be regulating them in public interest. Too often big business captures political decision making spaces, such as UN negotiations, and in so doing shapes environmental policies to suit its interests. Businesses are too well protected and rarely held to account for their abuses.

We need a legally binding treaty to pave the way for justice for victims and to hold corporations to account. Relying on businesses to voluntarily regulate themselves simply does not work.

The answer? Rights for people, rules for business.

“It is a time for a legally binding instrument to control transnational corporations with respect to human rights. A treaty that also gives victims of corporate abuses access to justice where there is none and challenges the economic and political power of TNCs”

Lucia Ortiz, Friends of the Earth International

In this e-toolkit for activists Friends of the Earth International provides its member groups, allies, civil society organisations and interested public with resources for action. Join us in our mobilisation and advocacy efforts for a binding treaty to stop corporate impunity and hold TNCs to account for human rights violations.

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