People changing the system

Explore the map and discover how deep and lasting change starts at the grassroots, with communities and peoples who mobilise against oppression, fight for justice, and take practical action to make change happen. They are our allies and our movement: together we claim the power to shape the world for future generations.

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Title Image Country Region Pathways
Uruguay soup kitchens and solidarity during the COVID-19 crisis Uruguay_agroecology farm Uruguay Latin America and the Caribbean Food sovereignty
Towards agroecology, community forest management and food sovereignty in Mozambique food sovereignty in Mozambique_girls carrying buckets Mozambique Africa Food sovereignty, Forests and biodiversity
Family farming in El Salvador against the COVID-19 pandemic El Salvador_woman in facemask in agroecology market during covid19 El Salvador Latin America and the Caribbean Food sovereignty
Fruits of Resistance in Brazil Resistance in Brazil_three women play drums and sing at a community centre Brazil Latin America and the Caribbean Economic justice, Food sovereignty, Gender justice
Fisherfolk who plant trees: Turning the tide on mangrove deforestation mangrove deforestation article_photo of sun shining through tree canopy Malaysia Asia Pacific Forests and biodiversity, Food sovereignty
Justice at last – Dutch court orders Shell to compensate Nigerian farmers for oil spill harm Friends-of-the-Earth-and-lawyer-celebrate-victory-in-Shell-oil-spill-case Netherlands, Nigeria Europe Climate justice and energy, Economic justice
Defending territories and indigenous rights in Malaysia Article about indigenous rights in Malaysia_photo of four people smiling with palm tree Malaysia Asia Pacific Forests and biodiversity, Internationalist solidarity
Food Sovereignty and Agroecology in Uruguay Fiesta 6 Uruguay Latin America and the Caribbean Food sovereignty
Village in Mozambique adopts collective, organic farming after land rights win Agroecology blog Mozambique Donna Amelia Mozambique Africa Food sovereignty, Gender justice