People changing the system

Explore the map and discover how deep and lasting change starts at the grassroots, with communities and peoples who mobilise against oppression, fight for justice, and take practical action to make change happen. They are our allies and our movement: together we claim the power to shape the world for future generations.

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Title Image Country Region Pathways
Agroecology in Cuba: learning how to change the system ANAP meeting 2019 6 1 scaled Cuba Latin America and the Caribbean Food sovereignty
Agroecology recognized by experts at UN as the transformative solution for a food system in crisis L’agroécologie dans le programme du Comité de la sécurité alimentaire mondiale_photo d'un paysan avec des carottes. Italy Food sovereignty, International summits
People Power in Action: Women leading the energy transformation with solar power in Palestine Solar power in Palestine_photo of leading woman with solar panels Palestine Asia Pacific Climate justice and energy, Internationalist solidarity, Gender justice
Plastic waste trade in crisis Surabaya Indonesia waste Switzerland International summits, Economic justice
The struggle for access to water in Lagos, Nigeria.  The fight for public water services in Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria Africa Economic justice
People Power in action: Communities in England say ‘No to fracking’ fracking 4 United Kingdom Europe Climate justice and energy
Corporate Impunity in Africa: Strategies of struggle. StopTNCAfrica Mozambique, South Africa International summits, Economic justice
People Power in action: Uniting against oil exploration in Togo DSC 2021 Chief Togbe centre John Darius Somi left 610 Togo Africa Climate justice and energy
France adopts law to hold transnational corporations accountable for damage they cause Transnationals and human rights for a UN binding treaty France Europe Economic justice, Climate justice and energy, International summits