A group in Brazil called Amazonia Brasileira also uses the name Friends of the Earth Brazilian Amazonia. This could imply that they are a member of our federation. They are not a member and their ethos is contrary to ours. This blog post aims to set the record straight.

It has come to our attention that Mr. Roberto Smeraldi of Amigos da Terra Amazonia Brasileira (Friends of the Earth Brazilian Amazonia) continues to use the name of Friends of the Earth domestically and internationally to promote projects that undermine the work of our Brazilian member group, the name of the federation, and the relationship with our allies.

We have received a request from our Brazilian member group Núcleo Amigos da Terra Brasil (FoE Brazil) to communicate widely the distinction between these two organizations in order that the general public, the media and the people of Brazil are aware of this important issue.

This request comes at a very important moment in Brazil as our member group is campaigning to prevent any changes to Brazil’s most important forest protection code, which is currently under attack by the agribusiness lobby and is due to be voted on in the national congress. Friends of the Earth Brazil is undertaking this important work with our strategic ally, La Vía Campesina, several local groups and national networks.

Smeraldi´s organization, Amigos da Terra Amazonia Brasileira is currently promoting a joint proposal between the pulp/paper sector and various NGOs dubbed ¨the Forest Dialogue¨, which is proposing market-based mechanisms to forest protection and changes in the forest protection law.

Amigos da Terra Amazonia Brazileira is neither a member nor an ally of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) and his organization is undermining the important work of FoEI´s Brazilian member, Núcleo Amigos da Terra, the work of our strategic allies, as well as the compromising the integrity of FoEI´s name.