Once upon a time in Galicia, a group of people decided to make a dream come true: to build a hostel where, combining environmental education and practical sustainable initiatives, they could demonstrate that another world is possible.

As Corcerizas (the name of this dream) is not a fairy tale but the real world realisation of Amigos da Terra (FoE Galicia), and their strong belief that, if we want change in the world, we must be this change and we have to demonstrate it.

As Corcerizas is one of the most interesting initiatives in the field of education (and hostelling). As well as acting as a hostel, it hosts events that aim to build networks of like-minded people who campaign for environmental and social justice – like the Young Friends of the Earth Summer Camp and Get Moving Too.

Moreover, the center also demonstrates that there are working alternatives to how we manage waste, energy, water and food. For example, the natural water-treatment system use plants and ponds, instead of chemicals to treat water. The buildings and equipment have all been built using bio-climatic construction techniques, with the help of volunteers making As Corcerizas a participatory project.

But As Corcerizas is mostly an Environmental Education center that believes in popular and environmental education as the way to shift people’s behaviour towards more sustainable patterns. For more than 20 years the venue has run, hosted and coordinated workshops, international and national events, camps, courses, etc…

So, what can you do to help? The people of As Corcerizas need your support. The Centre is one of the finalists of the sustainable youth hostel contest organised by the Hostelling international Sustainability Fund. The award could go towards new equipment (and the refurbishment of buildings) to help keep As Corcerizas alive. We need your vote to win! So please, sign the petition.