CAST Initiative

Friends of the Earth Liberia is working with local partners as part of a Community Awareness and Support Team (CAST) initiative to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in rural areas.

The CAST Initiative intends to reach 1,000 households (or 10,000 people) by September 30. The team has delivered Ebola prevention kits to 323 households in twelve villages so far.

You can support the CAST Initiative’s lifesaving work by making a donation

A household kit includes a bucket fitted with a faucet, 1.5 liters of chlorine and 12 packets of powder soap. Each village also receives one kit for their ‘Palava Hut’ – a communal gathering place, often a thatched hut, where villagers meet and receive visitors.

Along with the Ebola prevention kits, the CAST initiative also distributes Ebola awareness posters for display in public spaces, churches and school buildings.

The twelve villages*  covered by the CAST initiative to date are situated in Grand Bassa County, where Friends of the Earth Liberia is working with the Joghban Clan and other indigenous communities who are opposing the onslaught of palm oil plantations on their land.

CAST is an initiative of Friends of the Earth Liberia, Save My Future Foundation, the Foundation for Community Initiatives, and Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development. The work of CAST is funded by individual donations and contributions by civil society organisations, including FoEI member groups.

* The villages comprise of: Beh, Taygbo, Debbah, Tarloe, Qwrakpojilian and Blayah Towns (District No. 4) and Compound 1, Moore, Gargar, Dumon and Zogar Towns (District No. 1).