Gerry Arances addresses journalists at die in COP20a

Charlotte Chan, from Young Friends of the Earth Europe, writes about the moving ‘lie in’ action on the last day of COP 20

As the climate talks in Lima draw to a close, countries continue to skirt around the real problem.

Today people from all over world staged a mass “lie in” to bring the story back to those hugely affected by climate change.

People from Africa, Asia and Latin America spoke up for the forgotten voices while those in the “lie in” beat their chest creating the sound of a heartbeat.

It felt so overwhelmingly powerful and moving to be there among those lying on the ground, listening to the rising heartbeat.

At the very end of the action members from “Earth in Brackets” sang a song in Spanish, accompanied by a guitar and violin, called “Money man” with the lyrics ”When are you going to understand? when are you going to learn that life can’t be sold?”

People’s lives are at risk here. it’s our duty to stand with them and not only do what is necessary but what is right.