weliweriya protesters with handwritten placards stationed in close proximity stopped drinking

26th November 2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka. Today, Sri Lanka’s Court of Appeal issued notice to the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Board of Investment (BOI) and Venigross (Pvt) Limited after considering the writ application case filed by Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka / the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) and a representative of “Siyane Jalaya Syurakeeme Jana Neguma (SJSS)” regarding the pollution caused by the factory.

CEJ, and the SJSS sought a writ to compel the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka, to bring justice to the residents of Rathupaswala by taking legal action against the Venigros (Pvt) Ltd, for the pollution of inland waters and soil and for violating the terms and conditions of the EPL in the performance of their statutory duty.

Petitioners have stated in their petition that the CEA and the BOI have failed to undertake investigations and inspections to ensure compliance with this Act and to investigate complaints relating to non-compliance with the provision of the National Environment Act as well as the non-compliance for the conditions of the EPL. Also, that Venigros (Pvt) Ltd has improperly dumped industrial effluents and hazardous waste without properly treating them first.

Furthermore, some residents from the Nedungamuwa area complained that they are unable to consume their well water and they have suffered various diseases because of the polluted water discharged by Venigros (Pvt) Ltd. Petitioners have requested that the factory be relocated following the conclusions of a report prepared by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

The case was supported on 26th November 2013.