COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, 8 DECEMBER 2009: Commenting on a text drafted by the Danish Government which has been leaked today to the media Meena Raman, Honorary Secretary of Friends of the Earth Malaysia said:

“The leaked draft Copenhagen Agreement violates the democratic principles of the UN and threatens the Copenhagen negotiations. By discussing their text in secret back-room meetings with a few select countries the Danes are doing the opposite of what the world expects the host country to do. The Danish government must stop colluding with other rich nations. Instead it must take as a starting point the positions of developing countries – which are the least responsible for climate change, but who are most affected by it.”

“The only way to achieve a strong and just climate agreement is by including all countries, sticking to the principles of the UN Climate Convention. The Danish ‘Rich-country Agreement’ must be ditched and the UN process must get back on track here in Copenhagen.”

Friends of the Earth International believes that:

– Rich, developed countries should cut their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% in comparison with 1990 levels by 2020. These cuts should be made at home – with no offsetting. Offsetting, including through the ‘Clean Development Mechanism’, is a false solution and should be rejected.

– Rich, developed countries owe to developing countries a climate debt that is the result of decades of pollution. This debt must be recognised and repaid, for example through massive emission reductions and through the provision of sufficient public funds democratically through the UN to fight climate change.

– The World Bank and its climate funds must be rejected as they are set to increase developing country debt and promote dirty energy such as “clean” coal.

– Major corporations and polluters are lobbying to undermine a just climate agreement and are advancing their own economic interests at the expense of people and the planet.

*Including forests in ‘carbon offsetting initiatives’ does not help to combat climate change. Instead, it diverts attention from the real solutions to climate change and deforestation. Plantations are not forests. Monoculture tree plantations must be excluded from the UN climate negotiations.



More information, including a link to the full Danish text, can be found here: