The environmental protection organisation Mouvement Ecologique was set up by a group of young people in 1968. The organisation has preserved its founding spirit so that today, the members and friends of the Mouvement Ecologique fight for the protection of nature and the environment, as well as for a better quality of life and democracy. Mouvement Ecologique works on the main themes of sustainable development and giving a critical view of the evolution of society, legal-propositions, making concrete propositions and formulating visions for the future.

Today the Mouvement Ecologique has more than 3000 members, and most campaigning is done by volunteers.

Besides the more “political” action, Mouvement Ecologique organises a large Oekofair (with 170 exhibitors and 14,000 visitors) and helps citizens with questions concerning ecological living and legislation.

Our “ecological center” has a library with over 5,000 books on environmental subjects that can be consulted or borrowed.