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Paris, France, Nov. 30, 2015 — Reacting to the statements of President Obama, President Hollande and other world leaders at the Paris climate talks, Jagoda Munic, Friends of the Earth International chairperson said:

“President Obama called for a low carbon future, but the people urgently need a low carbon present – and it could be within reach if politicians would listen to the people.”

“World leaders today stated that the climate crisis is upon us and that the poorest countries are the least responsible for it. Yet the richest nations are not committing to what is actually needed to avert irreversible climate change and protect people from the impacts of the climate crisis.”

“So far, the emissions reductions tabled by developed countries are not anywhere near their fair share. They must urgently commit to reduce their emissions to prevent dangerous global warming.”

“Fossil fuels helped developed nations obtain the unequal position of power they hold today. These countries must take responsibility for creating the climate crisis, for using up more than their fair share of atmospheric space and for continuing on a fossil fuel development pathway.”

“Around the world, people are creating the real solutions to the climate crisis. They include steep reductions in carbon emissions, stopping fossil fuels, building clean, sustainable, socially-owned energy solutions, transforming our food systems, and stopping deforestation.”

Florent Compain, President of Friends of the Earth France, said: “President Hollande stated that he wants an ambitious and equitable climate agreement. But how can France lead if it cannot reign in its polluters? Companies like Engie and EDF, in which the French state is a shareholder, still refuse to close their 46 dirty coal plants. This must change urgently, we need climate justice now.”


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Image: On November the 29th, 3000 people celebrated in Vienna real solutions for the climate crisis with the slogan “System Change, not Climate Change!”.  (Photographer: Mitja Kobal)