Our briefing notes are designed to clearly lay out the issues and demands around these crucial topics. These briefs can be shared with policy makers and used to build capacity in civil society.

We must not let big polluters have an escape hatch to avoid making the emissions reductions needed!

Carbon markets at the UNFCCC – COP26 and Article 6 gives an overview of the issues at stake in the negotiations around Article 6 – the key article of the Paris Agreement related to carbon markets.

Net Zero and COP26 – covers the race by Northern governments and big polluters to declare ‘Net Zero’ targets and why this is a dangerous distraction.

Thanks to Friends of the Earth Russia, these briefing notes are also available in Russian:
Углеродные рынки на КС26 РКИК ООН и Статья 6 (Carbon markets at the UNFCCC – COP26 and Article 6)
Углеродная нейтральность и Конференция сторон 26 (Net Zero and COP26).