As public and political attention typically focuses more on environmental integrity in developed nations and ignores that in developing ones, company and governmental attention to oil infrastructure integrity and spill risk tends to follow the same pattern. That is, transnational companies generally apply higher standards in their conduct in industrialized nations than in non-industrialized nations.The following report gives a glimpse into this double standard dynamic. The report concludes that a major transnational oil company – Shell – has applied lower standards with regard to pipe- line integrity and environmental risk manage- ment in Nigeria compared with its activities in other parts of the world. Shell knows how to do better, but apparently sees no need to do so in Nigeria. From an environmental justice stand point alone, this is unacceptable and must end. It is time for the excuses to end. If Shell cannot secure their oil infrastructure from the alleged Intentional Third Party Damage in Nigeria, then they should not be doing business there.