As the climate crisis has a huge impact on biodiversity, it is logical that the Global Biodiversity Framework should also address climate issues. The initial draft of the framework introduced “Nature Based Solutions” as the answer to these interconnected crises – which was a serious mistake. 

The new draft 1 fortunately no longer includes “Nature Based Solutions”. However, in its Target 8, it proposes that biodiversity should be responsible for mitigating 10 Gigaton CO2eq. In both cases, the intention is clearly about putting biodiversity at the service of climate objectives, and not about saving biodiversity. The Target would lead to, for example, more monoculture tree plantations and BECCS projects, both of which spell land-grabbing, rights violations and inaction on real emissions cuts. 

Our briefing explains what we think should be in the Framework’s climate target, and why the 10GT CO2eq simply doesn’t make sense.