Brasília Mídia Ninja

With absolute indignation and outrage, Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC) denounces recent events in Brazil. On Tuesday 24 May, Michel Temer’s administration deployed the army to repress social mobilizations, and in doing so uncovered the true authoritarian nature and coup-like face of the government. We condemn the establishment of a State of Emergency in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, in place until May 31st.

Our comrades of the Landless Workers Movement of Brazil (MST), La Vía Campesina, the Homeless Workers Movement, the World March of Women and trade unions, together with our member group Friends of the Earth Brazil, the urban movement and indigenous and quilombola communities are mobilizing on the streets of Brazil, demonstrating against the illegitimate government and its package of neoliberal measures that aim to maximize the exploitation of workers, territories and communities.

Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean has received information of a fresh massacre against peasants in Pará State, carried out to protect the interests of large landowners and agribusiness. We recognize that the struggle for food sovereignty and climate justice are under attack. Michel Temer’s coup government is attempting to repress these key issues with anti-popular and illegitimate measures.

As an environmental organization that struggles for environmental justice and holds the mobilized social movements and organizations currently under attack in Brazil close to its heart, we express our strong solidarity with the MST Landless Movement, La Vía Campesina, the Homeless Workers Movement, the World March of Women, trade unions, indigenous and quilombola communities and the urban movement of Brazil.

We add our voice to theirs, in their demands for immediate universal elections in order to reestablish democracy, reconstruct viable political institutions and build social and environmental justice with the democratic participation of the Brazilian people.

We urge the international community and Friends of the Earth member groups to support, through actions and public statements, those struggling in Brazil to protect the collective rights of peoples and their territories.

In response to congressional pressure and intense public outrage Michael Temer revoked the deployment of troops in Brasilia on Thursday May 25.

Image © Mídia Ninja