The environmental education center for Friends of the Earth Spain, As Corcerizas, has been one of the international winners of the Hostelling International Award for projects aimed at improving natural heritage through reducing carbon emissions. The prize of 24,800 pounds (about 30,000 euros) will make As Corcerizas an energy island through the winter months

As Corcerizas has been chosen as a winner, taking second prize, from a selection of hostels from all around the world belonging to the international network of youth hostels. The final vote was between 15 finalists from participating countries such as the U.S. , Brazil and China. The three initiatives with the most votes were the winners of the prizes from the network, enabling them to improve the sustainability of its facilities and surroundings: Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States [1 ] .

The award endorses the implementation of a project presented by Friends of the Earth  which proposes the installation of a wind turbine and the construction of a heated cob wall as radiation system. A program for schools to minimise their carbon footprint in order to tackle climate will also be developed.

At the Friends of the Earth hostel all energy production comes exclusively from renewable energy, and so it is able to operate outside the conventional electricity grid, forming what is known as an “energy island” in virtually every month of the year. The problem was that in winter the sun and the flow of water coming from the small reservoir in the Sierra de San Mamede would sometimes not be enough to cover the entire building’s electrical demand. Thanks to this award As Corcerizas will be entirely solidified as an energy island, serving as an example of sustainability not only in Spain, but also at a worldwide level.

“This award recognizes the work of all workers and volunteers and for their professionalism, effort and motivation which has managed to push through a project which is 100% renewable and democratic. This is how we are proving the viability of a center that operates outside of the electricity grid. We want to thank all the people who have supported As Corcerizas and have made utopia a reality,” stresses Analia Moares,  responsible for the center.

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