Tarsands not to TPP Keystone XL

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS/ WASHINGTON, DC, January 7, 2016 — Canadian pipeline company TransCanada gave notice Wednesday that it intends to sue the U.S. government for over $15 billion under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Chapter 11 in response to the U.S. Administration’s decision to deny a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Friends of the Earth US President Erich Pica had this response:

“TransCanada’s Keystone XL permit was denied because construction of the pipeline was not in the United States national interest. Instead of honoring President Obama’s reasoned decision, TransCanada wants to turn to secretive trade tribunals to force American taxpayers to compensate it for a project that should never have been proposed. ”

Friends of the Earth International Economic Justice Coordinator Sam Cossar-Gilbert said:

“We are again seeing a private company challenging a government’s measures to protect public health and the environment. Friends of the Earth International opposes trade agreements like NAFTA, which allow corporations to shake down sovereign nations. Even NAFTA pales in comparison to newer deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Current trade rules empower corporations like TransCanada to challenge legitimate environmental protections in secret tribunals. The TPP and NAFTA trade agreements are a ticking time bomb for climate action and must be stopped. We need trade policy to stop undermining a sustainable future.”


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Friends of the Earth International Economic Justice, Resisting Neoliberalism Coordinator:
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