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Friends of the Earth Slovenia (Focus Association for Sustainable Development) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association of individuals. The organisation’s vision is of a society that lives a balanced life within environmental and social limits and does not undermine the existance of life on Earth.

The organisation focuses on the following areas: climate changeenergysustainable mobilityglobal responsibility, ethical consumption and degrowth.

Friends of the Earth Slovenia in Ljubljana

The organisation’s activities include round tables, workshops, awareness raising, demonstrations, media work, networking and any other activity that contributes to the aim of the organisation.

Friends of the Earth Slovenia follow the work of the Slovenian government, its institutions and also local communities, and participate in decision-making processes on the national and international level.

The majority of ongoing activities are not translated into English, but please contact us to find out more about our work. Focus Association for Sustainable Development became a full member of Friends of the Earth International in 2018.