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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, 7 May 2014 – Today a global alliance of civil society organizations known as the Treaty Alliance representing more than 500 groups call on UN Human Rights Council members to support an initiative in June that would begin a process towards creating an international treaty to address corporate human rights violations. [1]

The Treaty Alliance gathers global networks and alliances including CETIM, Dismantle Corporate Power Campaign, ESCR-Net, FIAN, FIDH, Franciscans International, Friends of the Earth International, Transnational Institute and OMAL, among others, which collectively represent more than 500 groups world-wide who are determined to stop corporate human rights violations.

The Treaty Alliance is coordinating civil society actions in over 20 countries with the aim of ensuring that U.N. Human Rights Council (‘HRC’) member States support a HRC resolution at the 26th Session of the HRC in June. The aim of this UN initiative is to strengthen international law to ensure legal accountability for corporate human rights violations, as well as remedies and justice for affected people.

The Joint Statement of the Treaty Alliance, signed already by over 150 civil society organizations around the world, expresses their intention to mobilize collective support and advocacy for a treaty that would affirm the applicability of human rights obligations to the operations of corporations, have countries monitor and regulate corporations under their jurisdiction, provide for access to an effective remedy for the people affected by corporate human rights violations, as well as provide for an international monitoring and accountability mechanism.

Advocacy Actions

During May and June, advocacy and mobilization in national capitals will be taking place in Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Johannesburg, New York, Manila, Brussels, Oslo and elsewhere as well as in Geneva, in order to raise awareness of concerns about corporate human rights violations and the need for an international treaty.

As the 26th Session of the HRC gets underway in Geneva coordinated advocacy will take place both inside and outside of the UN buildings. In support of the on-going advocacy efforts inside the UN for binding instruments to stop corporate human rights violations, members of the Treaty Alliance will coordinate the Week of Mobilization, beginning June 23rd.

Activities planned in June include:

June 23: A Hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) on Global Corporate Crimes (Chevron, Shell, Glencore, and others);

June 24:  Public Conference on TNC Violations, 8pm @ CETIM, Geneva

June 24-25: An International Conference on a Human Rights Compliant System for Food Production and Food TNCs

June 25: A march in front of the Palais des Nations and an ‘Impunity Tour’ in downtown Geneva.

For further contact with the Alliance, email: treatymovement@gmail.com

For further information on the Week of Mobilisation contact treatymovement@gmail.com or Gonzalo Berrón: gonzalo.berron@tni.org


Lucia Ortiz, Economic Justice International Program Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International (in Brazil) + 55 48 99150071 or lucia@natbrasil.org.br

Alberto Villarreal, Friends of the Earth Uruguay trade and investment campaigner: Tel: +598 98 556360 or comerc@redes.org.uy

Paul de Clerck, Friends of the Earth Europe corporates campaigner: +32 (0) 494 380 959 (in Belgium) or paul@milieudefensie.nl

[1] For more information on the treaty movement please visit  www.treatymovement.com

Image: Ian Britton