Friends of the Earth Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels) was created at the beginning of 1976.

They are an association of citizens working to take care of the Earth and its inhabitants, in a spirit of sharing and happiness. Local groups, in collaboration with local organisers, offer individual change (Voluntary Simplicity) and collective change (like Transition Initiatives) to jointly create a friendlier society.

These changes happen through five themes: solidarity supply (local food & agriculture); domestic water management; energy and climate; the conservation of biodiversity; voluntary simplicity and the transition initiatives campaign.

The offices are staffed by seven part-time employees in Namur. The Board of Directors consists of eight voluntary members. The current membership is around 600 individuals. Volunteers raise public awareness through concrete actions, individual and collective change, and practical ecology.

Another association, Friends of the Earth Flanders & Brussels, works in the Flemish part of Belgium. The associations operate independently.