The privatization of water sources around the world is a growing problem. Water is a basic human right, and although water management in the public interest may be necessary, this vital resource should not be subject to ownership. International financial institutions, hand-in-hand with multinational water corporations, are paving the way by conditioning their loans to poor countries upon privatization promises. Trade treaties are helping by requiring countries to deregulate their water sectors and open them up to private investment.

Friends of the Earth groups around the world are fighting for water justice in various ways, reflecting their various environmental and political situations. Many are involved in the struggles against privatization, and are proposing new models based on collective, communal systems that respond directly to the needs of the poor. Others are focusing on reduction and reuse of water, and on restoring rivers and wetlands to a more natural state. In our campaigns for the sustainable and equitable use of resources, we are determined that water justice shall be served for people everywhere.

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