poland group

Polski Klub Ekologiczny (PKE, Polish Ecological Club) was founded in Krakow in 1980 as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation opposing the treatment of the environment as an ownerless, valueless property. Our main goal has been the practical implementation of sustainable development through raising environmental awareness in society, thus environmental education has been the first of our tasks. Making people aware that quality of life depends on achieving the balance between technological development, humanistic values and wise stewardship of the earth’s natural resources, together with preserving natural, historical and cultural heritage is our main challenge.

PKE works within the Green Consumer campaign, which promotes environmentally friendly models of consumption as an alternative to “run-away” consumerism. It has an energy campaign with the main goal of protecting the air and creating environmental awareness in the scope of energy and transportation issues. It has an organic farming and healthy food programme which promotes organic farming and alternatives to intensive rural policies, and coordinates the activities of NGOs in this area in the Baltic States. Finally, it has a Green Academy educational project, which delivers the most recent knowledge on environmental issues to teachers of different subjects, local activists and governments.