Compilation and Summary of National Assessments

This report summarises the main findings of eight national assessments on the growing power of transnational corporations in the agriculture and energy sectors, and the policy and legislative changes that have facilitated this concentration of power. The assessments were conducted by Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC) member organisations in their respective countries.

The national organisations’ work made it possible to capture general trends for the region and to identify the political frameworks imposed under the neoliberal economic model. With the complicity of governments, the concentration of power has different consequences for peoples, with greater implications for women in relation to violations of their rights. 

This report also offers strategies that can confront current policies and the power of transnational corporations. 

Hundreds of movements and organisations are taking the fight to the United Nations where we are working on a new UN human rights treaty, which aims to establish international legally-binding rules for transnational corporations. You can follow and join our work to demand a strong and effective UN Binding Treaty.